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19 July 2018 – Correction – Nine News Perth – Child Care Subsidy report

Reporting on Nine News Perth on 17 July 2018 incorrectly claimed there was a “glitch” with the new Child Care Subsidy system and parents did not know when they would receive subsidies.

The Department of Human Services provided information directly refuting these claims prior to broadcast, specifically:

  • There have been no systemic issues with the new system, which has been fully operational since 2 July.
  • To claim otherwise does not reflect the experience of the more than one million families who have successfully transitioned over to the new system.
  • The first payments were released to child care providers on Wednesday 11 July, on schedule.

6 July 2018 – Child Care Subsidy system availability

The Centrelink Express Plus app and online accounts experienced intermittent issues earlier this week, which have now been resolved.

There was scheduled maintenance on the department’s website on the weekend prior to the new financial year. This allowed the department to update our systems with any changes coming into effect from 1 July.

The issues were not related to the Child Care Subsidy.  Continue reading 6 July 2018 – Child Care Subsidy system availability

15 January 2018 – Clarification on number of calls waiting longer than one hour

Contrary to recent reporting about the number of calls to the Department of Human Services that took longer than one hour to answer, the department would like to clarify that of the 1.5 million calls to the department’s social security and welfare lines during November 2017, only about 47,000 calls took longer than one hour to answer. During the 2016-17 financial year, the average wait time for social security and welfare calls was 15 minutes and 44 seconds.

14 September – Correction of reporting in the Ballarat Courier

The Ballarat Courier (‘Robo-debt’ hits city hard, p9, 14 September) published incorrect statements about the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Report into the Department of Human Services’ Online Compliance Intervention.

Reporting suggested acting Commonwealth Ombudsman Richard Glenn “found the program had a ‘profoundly negative impact on the lives of thousands of Australians’”.

This is incorrect.

The department requested a correction which was printed in the 15 September 2017 edition.