Staff oversight

Any review of an income discrepancy starts with a person taking some action. This includes getting the initial letter we send, starting a review online or calling the dedicated support line.

If a person doesn’t get in touch with us to complete their review, we do our best to reach them. We use registered mail so we know they’ve got their initial letter and we get a read receipt for messages we send to customers through myGov.

After a person completes a review—whether online or with staff help— a specialist compliance officer checks the review outcome. If a customer doesn’t contact us after getting the initial letter, our staff will complete the review with the best available information. If we determine they were overpaid, our staff make 2 attempts to call the person to discuss their review. If we can’t reach them by phone, we send up to 2 reminder letters to let them know they were overpaid before finalising the review.

When a person contacts us about the outcome of their assessment, they can give us more information. We can extend their review if they need time to get more information or documents. When we speak with people, we let them know they have the right to ask for a review or appeal of our decision. They can also give us extra documents at any point during our review.

If a person accepts our assessment they were overpaid, we ask them to accept a declaration acknowledging the information they’ve given us is correct. We’ll send them a letter to confirm the outcome of their review. We’ll also send them a letter with their repayment options and review and appeal rights. They can also view this information online.